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The UK's No.1 Reseller Solution for Sector Specific Data and Customer Channel Consent from DataOnDemand™


Our Pitch
What We Do!

DataOnDemand™ is a Reseller solution for businesses who use consumer data to generate revenue. We aggregate 20,000,000 consumer data records generating more than 200,000,000 insights that are Recent, Relevant and Responsive. We tick all the right boxes - just like the Consumers who have opted-in.

Our Purpose
Why we do it?

We solve a number of problems and deliver genuine benefits. We save time. We maximise performance. We guarantee compliance. You can respond faster, achieve better results, secure repeat business and increase sales. 

Our Product
How it works.

We deliver data on demand through our intuitive, easy to use Online Count Portal that's available 24 hours a day. You are always at the front of the queue and you don't need to wait for someone to call you back. 

Tired of Waiting?

Our Online Count Portal is built for data resellers. Simply log in for instant access to Upload Suppressions, Build Counts and Export Data.
Saving time and increasing your speed to respond to data requests. 

Make it Count!

It's easy to use, super fast and there are no sign-up fees or upfront licence costs. Just book a demo and we'll leave you with a Username and Password once we've shown you around. 

Our Performance
Data hygiene.

All data is subject to a rigorous hygiene process. We cleanse and update our database daily - Running our records against the Electoral Roll, disConnect, PAF, TPS, ValTel, Xverify and GEMS (Global Electronic Mail Suppressions). Resulting in low bounce rates, high connection rates and minimal complaints.

Our Promise 
Your peace of mind.

We ensure PECR compliant consent from the Customer who has opted-in for 3rd Party Marketing from the Channel you use to communicate with them - Postal, Mobile, Landline, SMS and Email - Ensuring your marketing campaigns are 100% compliant.

Our Partners
What they say.


We've been working with Stuart and his Team for over two years. They provide us with a software solution that allows our sales people to quickly access email data for our Clients. 

Jamie Gledhill, MD, Emailmovers


DataOnDemand created an online count tool & worked with the Client to add motoring data and insights to allow 19 sales people to sell email data to their customers.

Terry Hogan, Founder, 


DataOnDemand supplied email and SMS data to help drive registrations for our second year tech, investment and music festival. It was our most effective CPA. 

Jonny Cadden, Founder,


DataOnDemand provided me with data for several of my automotive client’s campaigns in 2016. They are a pleasure to work with and are quick to respond. Their clean, accurate data performs well against the competition.
Dave Watson, PotentialD

Compliance is key to the success of any Data Controller and we take pride in our role as the custodian of such powerful marketing information.


Our software is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. We also offer white label branded solutions for your business. 


We're constantly developing the database adding new insights and data feeds to create a powerful Single Customer View. 


We deliver data on demand through the portal, through APIs, through live feeds and monthly FTP uploads to our Clients. 

Our People
Management Team

Stuart Murgatroyd

Founder & MD

Peter Mayne

Group Strategic Director 

Liam Norton-Barnes

Key Account Director 

Iain Murgatroyd

Operations Director

Greg Ellis 

Head of Database Development 

Darren Mason

Chief Technical Officer